Costings and Commissions

In the costing of a new stained glass window many factors have to be taken into consideration. These could be the complexity of the design, the types of glass used (mouth blown glass is often much more expensive than machine made) and whether it will require painting and staining.

As a guide prices can range from between £50 - £250 per square foot.

Commissioning a New Stained Glass Panel

  • A meeting between the artist and the prospective customer to discuss design ideas, colours etc.

    • A quotation for the work is given (including a design fee) and when agreed...

      • A coloured scale design is produced and design fee paid.

        • When the design and glass colours/types/textures are approved a 50% deposit is required.

          • The scale drawing is then enlarged to full size in the cartoon/cutline stages.

            • The glass is selected and cut to the correct sizes and shapes on the cutline drawing

            • .

            • Any painting, matting and staining and firing now takes place.

              • The separate pieces of glass are now leaded up, soldered at each intersection and the completed panel is brushed each side with leaded light cement to waterproof it.

                • The new is installed and the balance of payment is now due.